ENDS Statements

The ENDS Statements define the strategic directions that the Board has set for the organization. These strategic directions are then operationalized by the management and staff of the organization through an operational planning process. The Board reviews the ENDS Statements annually.

Parkdale Community Health Centre acknowledges that all ENDS hold equal importance, are interconnected, and that progress towards their achievement occurs concurrently.

Promote health and wellbeing:

  • Provide access to knowledge and resources that support healthy lives

Improve community health:

  • Improve health outcomes with a focus on priority populations
  • Address the social determinants of health to reduce barriers

Advocate for healthy public policy:

  •  Collaborate broadly to ensure advocacy efforts reflect community needs

Adapt to change responsibly:

  • Demonstrate accountability and efficiency
  • Plan for sustainability
  • Demonstrate leadership in the community and in an integrated health system