Mission, Vision, Values


Strong community. Better lives.


All members of our diverse community will have access to integrated primary health care services to improve their quality of life.


The Parkdale Community Health Centre’s work is integrated within a framework that expresses our core values, articulates our vision for the Parkdale Community, and is aligned with the CHC Model of Care which focuses on five service areas, including primary care, illness prevention, health promotion, community capacity building and service integration.

At Parkdale Community Health Centre our work is driven by our core values of:

  • Access: Health services and supports when and where they are needed.
  • Equity: Ensuring everyone is treated according to their needs.
  • Client-centered: Working together with the client who shares in the decision-making.
  • Dignity and respect: Acknowledging that every person has value and recognizing diversity as an asset.
  • Social justice: Supporting individual and collective rights so that everyone can fully take part in society.