Map and Catchment Area

Community Health Care Centres provide care to people who live within their immediate geographic area, also known as a "catchment area."  The map below outlines the catchment area for Parkdale CHC and may be used to determine if you are eligible to receive care at PCHC.  If you do not live within our catchment area, we may be able to refer you to another CHC that serves your area:


Parkdale Community Health Centre (Main Location):


Please note that the catchment area for the Healthy Smiles Dental Clinic is all of the Greater Toronto Area.


Women’s Connection Program (Satellite Location):


The Women’s Connection Program’s catchment area is the same as the Main Location Catchment Area. There are certain exceptions to this catchment area.  For example, we take Post Partum Depression (PPD) calls from anywhere, and can see clients who do not have a PPD service near them.


Parkdale Parents' Primary Prevention Project 5P’s (Satellite Location):


View 5P's Location and Catchment Area in a larger map

Clients outside of this area, who are pregnant, can call 416-338-7600 to find a CPNP program (like 5Ps) in their area.

Postnatal clients outside of this area can speak with one of our 5Ps staff to determine if there is space in our postnatal programs for them, since most other CPNP programs do not accept women after their baby has been born.