Student Placement Opportunity: Income Tax Clinic

We are currently accepting applications for a student position for our annual Income Tax Clinic for March and April 2013. This Clinic is run in partnership with St. Christopher House and Parkdale Intercultural Association. St. Christopher Houses's financial literacy program organizes income tax clinics for low income residents of Parkdale.

Skills required:

  • Administrative skills, planning, community relations
  • Comfort with booking appointments, returning phone calls, tracking appointments, and doing reminder calls
  • Maintaining records
  • Organizing the tax clinics each Tuesday all day (welcoming volunteer tax return specialists
  • Ensuring room is set up with computers and printers (liase with our Data Management Coordinator)
  • Other languages in addition to English an asset (including Hungarian, Portuguese, Tamil, Tibetan, French)

When not working on the tax clinic preparation during the Tuesday clinic, there may be other opportunities to assist with program activities.

How to apply for a student placement:

  • Prepare a cover letter that includes the name of your school and the year of schooling you are entering with this placement
  • Prepare a resume highlighting any past placements, current studies, work and volunteer experience.
  • Please address your cover letter to Susan Clancy, Director of Population Health and Community Engagement, and send both your cover letter and resume via email to 

Next steps:

  • Susan Clancy, Director of Population Health and Community Engagement, will contact students selected for interviews. Interviews will be held with the staff member(s) related to the program.
  • Please come to your interview with a draft of your learning objectives.
  • The interview is mutual in that both parties are assessing whether the placement is acceptable.