Free Income Tax Clinic

Each year, Parkdale CHC hosts a free income tax clinic for low income singles and couples during the months of March and April.  This clinic is presented in partnership with West Neighbourhood House.

Individuals or couples can book an appointment to have a community volunteer assist in the completion of your return.  All volunteers are trained by the Canada Revenue Agency.

To qualify, your total income from 2017 must be less than:

  • $30,000 - if you are single
  • $40,000 - if you are a couple
  • $2,500 extra for each additional person

**We cannot prepare your taxes in our clinic if you are self employed, earned rental income, recently filed for bankruptcy or for deceased persons.  If this is your situation, please call: 416 848 7980, ext. 301 for assistance.*

When you arrive for your appointment, please ensure you bring:

  • Receipts for all sources of income, which may include one or more of the following:
    • Income receipts (T4)
    • Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income (T4A)
    • Statement of Old Age Security (T4A OAS)
    • Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits (T4A(P))
    • Statement of Employment Insurance and Other Benefits (T4E)
    • Statement of RRSP Income (T4RSP)
    • Statement of Benefits (T5007)
    • Universal Child Care Benefit statement (RC62)
    • Working Income Tax Benefit advance payments statement (RC210)Tuition receipts (T2202A slips)
    • Rent receipts and your landlord's name
    • Receipts for medical expenses, including medications, eye exams, eye glasses, etc.
    • Receipts for child care
    • Receipts for child activities
    • TTC weekly passes (must have a minumum of four consecutive weekly passes to qualify) or monthly metropasses
    • Charity receipts

If you require an interpreter, please bring your own.

Tax clinics will be held on Mondays from 10AM to 3PM at Parkdale Community Health Centre from Monday March 5th until Monday April 30th. An appointment is required. Please note that the last appointment of the day will be booked at 2:30PM.

We are only booking appointments for 2017 tax returns only. If you would like to file your taxes for 2016 or earlier, please call West Neighbourhood House at 416.848.7980.

To confirm your eligibility, book an appointment, or for more information, please call and leave a voicemail message: 416.537.2455, extension 1242.  And for all other participating agencies please click on the flyer below.

Free Income Tax Clinic 2018