Community Crisis Response Network

The objective of the Parkdale Community Crisis Response Network (PCCRN) is to support the community following a crisis and address concerns for safety, health and well-being.  A crisis is any sudden or significant incident that impacts all or some of the community.

The PCCRN cannot respond to individual emergencies.

The specific functions of the group are to:

  • Co-ordinate a post-emergency response to a critical incident in the community.
  • Identify and involve local community stakeholders including City Services, community organizations, and residents to provide comprehensive support to those impacted within Parkdale.
  • Work collaboratively on long term community safety initiatives aimed at prevention and improved community safety including, but not limited to, training education and resident engagement supporting systemic change.

The Network Working Group includes:

  • Aarabon House
  • Habitat Services
  • PARC
  • Parkdale Community Health Centre
  • Parkdale Community Information Centre
  • Parkdale Community Legal Services
  • St. Christopher House
  • City of Toronto Parks & Recreation
  • Toronto Public Health

For more information about the PCCRN, please contact:

  • Shirley Hepditch (Parkdale Community Health Centre) at 416.537.2455, ext. 1302.
  • Lisa King (Toronto Public Health) at 647.321.2977 or by email at